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O’ Leary Building incorporate ICF which are insulated forms that hold the concrete. The insulation value on both sides of the concrete adds continuous protection and helps produce a more efficient overall home.

What is I.C.F.

ICF consist of 2 panels of 1.2 metres long, 0.4 metres high, and 75mm thick high density polystyrene panels, spaced apart by high strength polypropylene webs. The forms provide a permanent, stay-in-place shuttering system for concrete construction. The system is based on a reinforced concrete core, which provides the necessary structural integrity, noise attenuation and durability to the building. The polystyrene panels provide the thermal insulation to the structure, with a U-value from 0.21W/m2K as standard and as low as 0.11W/m2K being achievable. We offer the most user-friendly ICF on the market due to its innovative design which increases speed of construction, reduces labour costs and provides the highest level of performance during and after construction. A wide range of external finishes may be used including brick, stone, timber cladding, and renders. A wide variety of colours and textures are available.


A building constructed using ICF will achieve far higher thermal, sound, and fire performance standards than traditional construction methods such as block or timber frame, and at a much lower cost for comparable performance than any other building system available today. Insulating Concrete Formwork (ICF) system can be used to construct almost any kind of building, including :

• Residential developments

• Self-build homes and extensions

• Basement and earth sheltered development

A house built with ICF will easily meet the building regulation’s requirements for air-tightness, junction thermal bridging minimisation and U-Value needed for an A rated home, as standard. Insulating Concrete Formwork is produced in Ireland in a state of the art production plant. You can be assured that a building

constructed using ICF will outperform your expectations in every way!

Benefits of I.C.F.
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