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We build both traditional and contemporary style buildings for our clients encompassing a range of building methods & materials. We provide the construction expertise and building solutions that are necessary to deliver a project on time and within budget. O’Leary Building & ICF Contractors provide a full range of services for all types of new build, from demolition and clearance through to construction. We have skills to manage both modern and traditional build

The first step toward saving energy is to build homes with a tighter envelope. The O’ Leary High Performance building method is designed to create an enduring energy envelope using the least amount of waste. From foundation to finish.

Building System

As we all know, heat naturally rises. Without a well insulated roof, a large amount of energy can be lost due to simple scientific principles. Therefore it is important that your roof is just as efficient, or more, than the rest of your structure.


Cut Roofs

Traditional cut roofs work extremely well if insulated completely and fully air-tight

SIPs Structural Insulated Panels

SIPs not only provide excellent insulation value for the roof of your home, but also enable easy construction of flat roofs and vaulted spaces since they do not require the traditional trusses of a conventional roof.


The shell of your high performance energy efficient home begins with the foundation, or basement level, these can often be prime sources for lost energy if they are not insulated well. Traditionally, foundations have been dramatically different temperatures than the rest of the house. This is because they were not insulated properly.

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